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Mr Stan Wang

Mr Stan Wang (2011)

Status: Alum

Citizen: USA

Course: PhD Surgery

College: Trinity College

Current status:

NIH-Cambridge MD/PhD candidate


Columbia University

University of Akron

NIH-Cambridge Scholarship, MD/PhD, 2010

Yearbook entry:

Originally from Solon, Ohio, I graduated from the University of Akron, where I undertook my honours thesis in stem cell biology at the Cleveland Clinic. I have served on the boards of non-profits and been recognized by the U.S. Department of State, UNESCO, and Global Health Council for a programme I began to improve maternal-child health in rural Ghana. For my PhD, I am studying nuclear reprogramming to improve the generation of patient-tailored pluripotent stem cells without the use of human embryos, bypassing the ongoing embryonic stem cell debate. At Cambridge, I am involved in a few start-up companies, including having co-founded one with a fellow Gates Scholar. As an NIH-Cambridge MD/PhD candidate, I envision serving in the long-term as a surgeon-scientist at the interface of medicine, science, and entrepreneurship.

Interests: An avid traveller, I have explored more than twenty different countries across five continents. I also enjoy playing piano and composing music, participating in triathlons, and learning new languages while trekking the globe.

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