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Mr Timothy Kotin

Mr Timothy Kotin (2012)

Status: Alum

Citizen: Ghana

Course: MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development

College: Queens' College

Current status:

In Cambridge, settling into school and meeting lots of wonderful people, everyday


Harvard University

Yearbook entry:

My career objective is to develop innovations that address various development challenges, whether in healthcare, education, agriculture, energy or clean water. After my undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I joined Dalberg--a strategy advisory firm focused exclusively on international development. My horizon of key issues in global development has widened through various projects in education and global health for large US-bases foundations, the US government and UN Foundation. Graduate studies in Engineering for Sustainable Development will equip me with the technical skills to translate my knowledge of and passion for development into locally-relevant technological solutions for the developing world. Outside the classroom, I spend my spare time on a community development non-profit in Ghana, and an ICT for Education start-up I co-founded a few high school friends.

Interests: I also love teaching, playing soccer, and tinkering with or hacking technology.

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