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Ms Lucinda Lai

Ms Lucinda Lai (2012)

Status: Alum

Citizen: USA

Course: MPhil Social Anthropology

College: Pembroke College


Stanford University

Yearbook entry:

I grew up in a hub of Southeast Asian American cultures and communities in San Jose, California. At Stanford, I studied Human Biology and completed an honors thesis investigating barriers to organ donation in Thailand. For my lifelong interest in the health and human rights of refugees, I won Stanford’s International Public Service Fellowship and began work for a community-based organization on the Thai-Burma border dedicated to the mental health of Burmese refugees. An MPhil in Social Anthropology will build upon my fieldwork with Burmese refugees, so I can better understand how sociocultural differences impact the success or failure of health interventions for specific vulnerable populations. I have plans for medical school after Cambridge. In Thailand, I discovered a love for Muay Thai kickboxing sustained by regular training at a charmingly rustic half-farm/half-gym and the recent purchase of my first pair of shiny red gloves.

Interests: Muay Thai kickboxing, basketball, soccer, waterfalls, This American Life and RadioLab podcasts, music, coffee shops, and being welcomed as a guest in others’ lives

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