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Dr Kevin Nead

Dr Kevin Nead (2011)

Citizen: USA

Hometown & State: Ithace, NY

Universities attended: Stanford University

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: MPhil Epidemiology

New scholar profile:

I currently reside in Palo Alto, CA as a second year medical student at Stanford University. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida where as a swimmer I was also a varsity athlete qualifying for two Olympic Time Trials and was named both an Academic and Athletic All-American. Beyond my current medical school curriculum, I conduct research in cardiovascular epidemiology with a focus on peripheral arterial disease. I will build on this research at Cambridge by undertaking the MPhil in Epidemiology while conducting my thesis research with cardiovascular epidemiologist Professor John Danesh. During my career as a physician-scientist I will use epidemiology to identify genetic and biological risk factors in cardiovascular disease in order to enhance our ability to predict individual disease risk, response to treatment, and disease outcomes while identifying novel pharmaceutical targets. My favorite non-academic interests include skiing, backpacking and any other way that I can explore the outdoors.

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