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Mr Zachary Guiliano

Mr Zachary Guiliano (2012)

Citizen: USA

Hometown & State: Peoria, IL

Universities attended: Harvard University, Evangel University

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: PhD History

New scholar profile:

I grew up outside of Bartonville, IL in the rural Midwest of the United States. After completing a BA in Biblical Studies at Evangel University, I undertook the MDiv at Harvard University, where my research focused on the methods and underlying theology of biblical interpretation in early Christianity. Among other activities at this time, I served as the Coordinator of Finance for the Divinity School’s student government, founded the annual New England Anglican Studies conferences, and edited, with Charles Stang, The Open Body: Essays in Anglican Ecclesiology (Peter Lang, 2012). One of my lifelong passions is volunteering with and providing opportunities for college students, so I was also honored to be the Kellogg Fellow for the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard and a Program Developer in the Office of Student Life at Harvard College. My research at Cambridge considers how royal and ecclesiastical leaders used biblical interpretation to form their peoples and governments in the Carolingian era, by focusing on the use of the commentaries of Bede, whose work was described as “a new sun dawning” for the illumination and instruction of the Latin West. My future research and teaching will concern similar topics in the intersection of religious practice and national politics in the history of Christianity. I have an abiding interest, however, in demonstrating the relevance of such work in history to the pressing social and political issues of our own time, and I always hope to bring the fruits of scholarly discourse to the public arena through writing and speaking. Outside of my professional work, I am an avid cook and occasional musician, and I am, with my wife, Melissa, an enthusiastic practitioner of that long-neglected cultural art: hospitality.

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