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Miss Evelyn Denham

Miss Evelyn Denham (2012)

Citizen: USA

Hometown & State: Davidson, NC

Universities attended: Williams College

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: MPhil European Literature

New scholar profile:

I am studying for an MPhil in European Literature and Culture, concentrating on Early Modern German. As an undergraduate, I spent the past two summers researching eighteenth-century ceremonial diplomatic encounters between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires. This research challenges essentialized views of the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Central Europe and contextualizes today’s debates about European culture. At Cambridge, I will continue to study the early modern world, now focusing on early modern German literary and historical representations of alterity as part of a project that looks at the construction of German nationalism. Ultimately, I am interested in questioning how societies structure knowledge and how they arrive at historical consensus, both in early modern Europe and in our world today. Besides my coursework, I enjoy cooking, hiking, US politics, and Bollywood film.

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