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Ms Hosna Jahan

Ms Hosna Jahan (2013)

Citizen: Bangladesh

Universities attended: University of Sydney, University of Sydney

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: MPhil Development Studies

New scholar profile:

At the age of 15, I came to Australia from Bangladesh to study. For the past nine years, my life has been divided into two different worlds: a westernized developed world, where I spent most of my adult life, where I studied, shopped, socialized, had friends and teachers, and an eastern underdeveloped world, where I had a home, my childhood, my parents and relatives. As I switched between the two worlds, I suffered not only a conflict of identity but also conflict of values and norms. I started questioning the social conditions (such as income inequality and poverty) that once seemed ‘natural’ or at its worst, ‘tragic’ to me. My constant travel between the two worlds made me interested in the field of development. My study in Political Economy at the University of Sydney taught me that it is not ‘tragic’ to not have access to one’s basic rights; it is in fact ‘unjust’ to be denied of that right. People do not need charity; they need justice. At Cambridge, I will study Development Studies, which is a highly interdisciplinary professional training and research combination course with grounding in political economy relevant to the developing world. My study will expose me to a diverse range of experiences, perceptions and insights involved with development policies. I also look forward to research the root causes of children’s multi-dimensional poverty in Bangladesh and explore initiatives that state can take to eliminate such poverty. Previously, I have completed my combined Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Government and International Relations, and Political Economy. In the long-term perspective, I plan to work in the developing policy sector in Bangladesh with the state policy-makers and NGOs in alleviating multi-dimensional poverty. I am extremely grateful to the Gates-Cambridge Trust for giving me this rare opportunity to exchange ideas with so many talented scholars from diverse disciplines who are passionate about development. .

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