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Mr José Ciro Martínez

Mr José Ciro Martínez (2013)

Citizen: USA

Hometown & State: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Universities attended: University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge, Williams College

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: PhD Politics and International Studies

New scholar profile:

I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where my father, a lifelong public servant, infused in me a passion for the study of politics at a very young age. My interest in the Middle East comes from my Iranian mother, who always nurtured my study of the region. It is a combination of these two formative influences that has led me to pursue graduate work in Politics at Cambridge. My proposed research project seeks to contemplate questions concerning the construction and development of political legitimacy and nationalist discourse amidst structures of dispossession. It will do so through a comparative theoretical framework that dissects the numerous intersections of nationalism, Islamism and monarchism in the construction of statehood in Morocco and Jordan during the post-independence period. The work will draw upon a broad array of Arabic-language sources and employ theoretical insights from post-structural historiography, critical anthropology and political economy. How are communal identities imagined, what are the politics of nationalism, how has historical discourse been constructed and how do these debates impinge upon contemporary politics are the main questions I seek to answer. Interests: Iranian cinema, Real Madrid, water polo, cities as characters, islands, warm weather.

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