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Ms Victoria Herrmann

Ms Victoria Herrmann (2014)

Citizen: USA

Hometown & State: ,

Universities attended: Carlton University, Lehigh University

Degree & Subject at Cambridge: PhD Polar Studies at Scott Polar Institute

New scholar profile:

I first grew interested in the nexus of human rights, climate change, and images as an undergraduate at Lehigh University researching uranium mining and the influence of its visual representations on international perceptions of aboriginal rights abuses. Upon graduation, I moved to DC to research transportation, cities, and climate policy as a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Leaving one capitol for another, I returned to studying the political power of visual narratives as a Fulbright Student in Ottawa, examining Inuit art in an ecologically changing Arctic at Carleton University. At Cambridge, I will continue this work by demonstrating how visual imagery creates and sustains contested, often-unjust visions of Arctic development through a PhD in Polar Studies. Through my work as a Gates Cambridge Scholar and beyond, I hope to advance a more comprehensive, equitable view of, and in turn policy for, those most exposed to environmental change. Interests: Getting lost in cultures and treks, watching football and singing Broadway tunes with friends and family, discovering new art galleries, and playing tennis.

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