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New scholars 2015

Gates Cambridge is delighted to announce a further 54 scholarships have been awarded following on from the International Round which took place in late March.

A total of 94 scholarships have now been awarded, following on from the US round in early February where 40 scholarships were offered.  These 93 Scholars will form the Class of 2015 in October.  Short biographies of our new Scholars are available below.

The following Gates Cambridge Scholars have been awarded a second Scholarship during the International round, their details can be found here:

Hanna Ajer

Christy Edwall

Cillian Ó Fathaigh

Gustavo Paez

Rachel Robertson


Name Nationality Degree and subject
Miss Helen Alderson New Zealand PhD in Archaeology
Mr Yusef Al-Jarani USA MPhil in Development Studies
Ms Megan Ansbro USA PhD in Pharmacology
Miss Aliya Bagewadi USA MPhil in Land Economy Research
Mr Daniel Barcia USA MPhil in International Relations & Pols
Miss Karin Bashir USA MPhil in Public Policy
Miss Anisha Bhat USA MPhil in World History
Miss Theodora Bowering Australia PhD in Architecture
Mr Michael Calzadilla USA MPhil in Astronomy
Mr Eric Cervini USA PhD in History
Ms Thandeka Cochrane South Africa PhD in Social Anthropology
Mr Marcus Colla Australia PhD in History
Ms Margaret Comer USA PhD in Archaeology
Ms Sarah Cooley USA MPhil in Polar Studies
Miss Laura Cooper USA MPhil in Veterinary Science
Ms Merve Fejzula USA PhD in History
Mr Zachary Fitzpatrick USA MPhil in Clinical Science (RD)
Mr Carlos Gonzalez Sierra Dominican Republic MPhil in Latin American Studies
Ms Ana Maria Guay USA MPhil in Classics
Miss Jodi Gustafson Canada MPhil in Conservation Leadership
Mr Fazal Hadi Pakistan PhD in Pharmacology
Miss Gabriella Heller USA PhD in Chemistry
Miss Cassi Henderson USA PhD in Chemical Engineering
Miss Sophie Hermanns Germany PhD in Politics and International Studies
Ms Karen Hong USA MPhil in Public Health
Miss Connie Hsueh USA MPhil in Physics
Miss Ruoyun Hui China PhD in Genetics
Ms Carol Nkechi Ibe USA PhD in Plant Sciences
Mr Chiedozie Ibekwe Nigeria MPhil in Public Policy
Ms Asiya Islam India PhD in Sociology
Mr Sridhar Rajan Jagannathan India PhD in Psychology
Mrs Tercia Jansen Van Vuuren South Africa MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development
Mr Vincentius Aji Jatikusumo Indonesia PhD in Biochemistry
Mr Matthew Johnson USA PhD in Psychology
Mr Jonathan Kanen USA PhD in Psychology
Mr Drasko Kascelan Montenegro PhD in Linguistics
Miss Shraddha Kaur India PhD in Psychology
Miss Aliya Khalid Pakistan MPhil in Public Policy
Mr Samuel Kim USA MPhil in Chemistry
Ms Allison Kindig USA MPhil in Engineerng for Sustainable Dev
Miss Adeline Klotz Australia PhD in Chemical Engineering
Miss Emma Knowles Australia PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Mr Ananthanarayanan Kumar India PhD in Bio Sci @MRC Lab for Molecular Biology
Ms Cameron Langford USA MPhil in Political Thought + Int Hist
Mr Edward Lee-Six Belgium PhD in English
Mr Michael Li Australia MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development
Mr Ryan Limbocker USA PhD in Chemistry
Ms Rebecca Love Canada PhD in Medical Science@MRC Epidemiology Unit
Miss Yuntong Ma USA MPhil in Sociology
Mr Joseph McAbee USA PhD in Clinical Neurosciences
Mr Manus McCaffery Ecuador MPhil in Public Policy
Mr Aleksandr Montelli Russia PhD in Polar Studies
Miss Jeania Ree Moore USA MPhil in Theology + Religious Studies
Mrs Chioma Ngonadi Nigeria PhD in Archaeology
Mr Japinder Singh Nijjer Canada PhD in Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Mr Nikolas Oktaba USA MPhil in Classics
Mr Uzoma Orchingwa USA MPhil in Criminology
Mr Ian Ostericher USA PhD in Archaeology
Ms Jocelyn Perry USA MPhil in International Relations & Pols
Miss Veselina Petrova Bulgaria PhD in Clinical Neurosciences
Mr Arazi Pinhas USA PhD in Astronomy
Ms Lauren Power Australia MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies
Mr Christopher Rae USA PhD in Biological Science @ MRC LMB
Mr Fahad Rahman Pakistan MPHIL in MPhil in Social Anthropology
Miss Stine Ravnå Norway PhD in Education
Miss Natalie Rebeyev USA PhD in Medical Science @ CIMR
Mr Andi Reci Albania PhD in Chemical Engineering
Mr Tomer Reiter USA MAST in Pure Mathematics
Mr Alejandro Rivera Rivera Guatemala MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development
Mr George Saba USA MPhil in International Relations & Pols
Ms Isabel Salovaara USA MPhil in Social Anthropology
Mr Paulo Savaget Nascimento Brazil PhD in Engineering
Mr Juan Serrano Peru MPhil in Chemistry
Miss Saba Sharma India PhD in Geography
Miss Shruti Sharma USA PhD in Engineering
Miss Sneha Shashidhara India PhD in Biological Science @ MRC CBU
Ms Dakota Spear USA MPhil in Biological Science (Zoology)
Mr Peter Sutoris Slovakia MPhil in Education
Miss Dina Tahboub Palestine PhD in Pharmacology
Ms Nicolette Taku USA MPhil in Medical Science (Oncology)
Mr Blake Thomson USA MPhil in Epidemiology
Mr Bohdan Tokarskyi Ukraine PhD in Slavonic Studies
Miss Selen Uman Turkey MPhil in Clinical Science
Dr Aditi Vedi Australia PhD in Medical Science (CIMR)
Ms Aya Waller-Bey USA MPhil in Education (Thematic route)
Miss Elizabeth Ann Walsh USA MPhil in Social Anthropology
Miss Anjalene Whittier USA PhD in Psychiatry
Dr Alexander Wood Australia PhD in Medicine

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