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Alumni Weekend 2013: The Arab Spring at year 2

As part of the Gates Cambridge Alumni Weekend 2013, this panel of experts discusses the Arab Spring.

More than two years have passed since protests in Tunisia sparked a wave of popular uprisings throughout the Middle East. While it is too premature to predict how substantive these changes will be to the political map of the Middle East, those already underway suggest a new path unfolding in the region. What challenges remain for citizens in the region? Is there a role for international actors in aiding transitions in the Middle East? Does revolutionary change elsewhere offer any meaningful lessons for scholars trying to understand the Middle East today? This panel considers these questions focusing on both the factors that gave rise to the Arab Spring and those
that are shaping its present trajectory. Speakers are (left to right): Maha Abdelrahman (Lecturer at the Centre of Development Studies at the University
of Cambridge); Ian Black (Middle East for The Guardian newspaper); Hazem Kandil (Lecturer in Political Sociology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St Catharine's College) and Erin Snider (moderator - Gates Cambridge alumna and Assistant Professor in International Affairs at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University).

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