How to apply

Applicants apply on a single form for admission to a course and a College and for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Standard applications (via the Graduate Admissions Office)

Applicants apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and admission to their chosen postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge and a Cambridge College via the Graduate Admissions Office, using the Graduate Application Form and supporting documents. Full details can be found at

It is not possible to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship without applying to the University of Cambridge. You must apply for admission as a postgraduate student to the University of Cambridge and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship at the same time, using the one application pack.

[If you are applying for admission to the MBA or Master of Finance programme you apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship via the Judge Business School (see below)]

To be considered for postgraduate admission and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship all applicants must submit the following documents to the Graduate Admissions Office by the relevant deadline:-

  • Graduate Application Form (which includes a Gates Cambridge section)
  • Academic transcripts
  • 2 academic references
  • 1 personal reference (for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship)
  • For research only Masters degrees and all PhD applications, Gates Cambridge request that you upload a research proposal, even if your department does not require this information.  Please follow the research proposal guidelines provided by your department for information on word count and structure - you do not need to submit a separate Gates Cambridge research proposal.  If your course does not provide guidelines, we ask that you submit a research proposal of approximately 1,000 words (excluding references).  Please note that if your course does not require you to submit a research proposal, it will not be listed as a required document in your self-service application account.  In this situation you should upload your research proposal under the "other" documents section so it can be considered by the scholarship committee.

Although not specifically required for the Gates Cambridge application, the Graduate Admissions Office or academic department may require some applicants to submit the following for admission to the University:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they submit all documents required so they can be considered for both admission and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Applications for the MBA and Master of Finance

For the MBA and MFin programmes you need to apply direct to the Judge Business School, using their on-line application system. In addition, to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and other University of Cambridge funding, please complete this separate funding application form and submit with your MBA / MFin application.