Marika Niihori

Marika Niihori

  • Scholar
  • Australia
  • 2020 PhD Physics
  • Girton College

I grew up in Cairns, a tropical regional city in Queensland, then moved to the bush capital of Australia, Canberra, for my undergraduate studies at the Australian National University. I was fortunate to undertake a demanding research intensive degree, Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) or PhB which is often coined as the undergraduate version of a PhD. Due to the nature of my degree, I have been exposed to the world of research since my first year, and it became obvious that my passions lied in the interdisciplinary area of physics and biology. Therefore, with the support of the Gates Cambridge scholarship, during my PhD in Physics, I will be working towards creating a biosensor using plasmonics. By using nano-self-assembly, these ultrasensitive molecular sensors will be a step towards innovating compact miniaturised sensors for long term monitoring of personal health, such as detecting particular hormones. By innovating these new practical technologies, I hope to make an imprint on our world by improving humanity and at the same time to continue advocating for equity and diversity within STEM. I am incredibly honoured to be joining the Gates Cambridge community and thrilled to meet other like-minded future leaders of the world.

Previous Education

Australian National University Physics 2019