As a Gates Cambridge Scholar you will be a member of several important and overlapping communities.

Graduate study at Cambridge should be a life-changing experience. Whatever your ambitions for the future, you will benefit from participating here as fully as you can in each of the communities, large and small, to which you belong, and from contributing to the future of the institutions with which your life here is involved.

Graduate Studies Prospectus

In many ways, communities at Cambridge can be thought of as a Venn diagram - equally important, overlapping networks which offer a rich and diverse Cambridge experience. 

The Gates Cambridge community

The Gates Cambridge community in Cambridge is a vibrant, diverse, open and passionate community. It centres around the ideals of the programme: intellectual rigour, leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

It is also a busy community: there are numerous events throughout the year - from orientation for new Scholars to a Graduation Dinner and many activities in between. The Scholars' Council plays a key role in ensuring the community is vibrant, inclusive and impactful - and regularly communicates with the Trust to ensure the views of the Scholar body are taken into account in the management of the programme. 

The Scholars' Room in the University Centre acts as a physical hub for much of the community's activities, although activities are also spread across the Collegiate University.

Your department

As a graduate student at Cambridge, you will belong to one of the University's faculties, departments or affiliated institutions. These provide all your teaching and supervisions, and facilities for research.

They also organise regular seminars and workshops, often with eminent speakers. Graduate students are represented on departmental, faculty and other important committees that oversee graduate matters.

Your College

Throughout its history, Cambridge has had Colleges, which are intimate social and intellectual communities of scholars. They are educational charities, each with a particular mission and character, and they have evolved in response to different social pressures. They remain flexible, reacting to the changing needs of their members. But all are devoted to study and research across the range of disciplines and generations. Governed by Fellows, who are mostly academics employed in the University, they remain integral to the University's educational and research environment today. They can offer you a home and other facilities that Universities usually provide centrally. They also give you experiences and opportunities that are unique to Cambridge.

You can find more details about Colleges on the Graduate Admissions Office College page and also watch our film of Gates Cambridge Scholars explaining the College system for postgraduates.  

Other communities

If you can find the time, there are numerous other communities in Cambridge - e.g. sports clubs, social groups, societies and more.