A new start-up co-founded by a Gates Cambridge Scholar aims to speed up trials for treatments, vaccines and tests for COVID-19.
Jennifer Jia is heading a business which aims to empower women and deliver sustainable and affordable sanitary protection.
Dylan Griswold leads a study which shows that published research on neurosurgery for brain injury is heavily weighted towards wealthier countries.
The Gates Cambridge Trust, one of the University of Cambridge's funding bodies which supports international postgraduate students, is doing...
Sofia Singler has been collaborating with acclaimed film director on a feature film about Alvar Aalto, the greatest Nordic modern architect of the 20th century.
Luis Welbanks is part of a team of researchers who have discovered an exoplanet which could support life.
Medic Labs will address huge problems and propose radical solutions using disruptive technology.
Twenty eight new Gates Cambridge Scholars have been selected, forming the first part of the 2020 cohort.
Dan Greenfield on how he came to co-found a successful genomics company and why Cambridge was the ideal place to do it.
Andrea Luppi is co-first author of a new study which aims to get closer to understanding how the unconscious brain functions.
Lisa Neidhardt's study looks to understand the mechanisms of protein folding, with implications for age-related diseases.
Chandler Robinson's second company has recently been described as having the best first day for an IPO since the tech giant Baidu.