Andrea Kusec's research investigates how engagement in meaningful activity can help brain injury patients' rehabilitation.
Iryna Shuvalova has published her first collection of poems in English.
Diana Pirjol has set up a consultancy that brings together an innovative wide-ranging approach to the health, pharmaceutical and development sectors.
Sabrina Anjara met the President of Indonesia on Monday to discuss the role of the Indonesian diaspora in economic development.
A new study, co-authored by Dr Kamiar Mohaddes, suggests that 7% of global GDP will disappear by 2100 as a result of business-as-usual carbon emissions.
Dorien Braam's PhD investigates whether displacement puts communities at greater risk of zoonotic disease transmission.
A new study led by Sam Chakrabarti investigates the role of lubricating fluid in pain associated with osteoarthritis.
Dylan Gaffney has designed a website to showcase his archaeological research on the Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua.
Dr Jacqui Poon, founder of Farming Data Ltd, has won funding for a pilot project to help rural smallholders in Colombia improve their earnings.
Carol Ibe wins extra funding to develop her training workshops which are reaching hundreds of scientists in Africa.
Harum Mukhayer is recognised for her outstanding work to improve college and university life.
Rumbidzai Dube talks about her work as a human rights lawyer and about her PhD on the legacy of colonial boundaries in Africa.