Rumbidzai Dube talks about her work as a human rights lawyer and about her PhD on the legacy of colonial boundaries in Africa.
Krittika D'Silva wins Youth Award at Royal Bank of Canada's Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.
Scholar-Elect Cristian Larroulet Philippi aims to forge a new more socially engaged framework for social sciences.
Dr Tim Humpton is co-lead on a new study into mitophagy in pancreatic cancer cells.
Sharmila Parmanand speaks at trafficking event on the sex workers rights movement in the Philippines.
Scholar-Elect Muhammad Iqbal speaks about his research into the pathology of Staphylococcus aureus and his experience of starting up a herbal medicine business in Indonesia.
Lolade Aliyu Siyonbola studies the links between identity, assimilation and the contribution of second-generation Nigerians to their host country and to development in Africa.
Ramit Debnath outlines research showing the importance of linking energy demand with occupants’ wellbeing to establish energy justice in the system.
Eddie Cano-Gamez on the need to make genomics more diverse in an age of personalised medicine.
A new study, led by Emma Glennon, highlights the need for better diagnosis of Ebola and early intervention.
Ria Roy argues that it is important to change how we think about North Korea and understand how North Koreans view themselves.
Aland Chan talks about his research into the impact of extreme weather events on Hong Kong's forests.