A new project brings medical students and foster children together to build empathy and self-esteem.
Afrodita Nikolova takes part in an experimental collaboration involving poetry and live coding.
Sara Clarke-Habibi presents her research on transitional justice and education.
Sarah Mummah's app aims to encourage people to eat more vegetables.
Research provides new evidence of cultural diversification between neighbouring chimpanzee communities
Lindsay Chura reflects on a scientific mission to promote research collaboration in the South Atlantic.
Carlos Gonzalez Sierra is the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from the Dominican Republic.
William Marks' documentary will document the sinking Pacific nation.
New antibody treatment to be trialled on cancer patients in the UK.
Mona Jebril to set up social enterprise to help unemployed Palestinians.
A new website will enable women to tell their own stories about their lives and to inspire others.
Andi Reci will be the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Albania this autumn