Twenty eight new Gates Cambridge Scholars have been selected, forming the first part of the 2020 cohort.
Dan Greenfield on how he came to co-found a successful genomics company and why Cambridge was the ideal place to do it.
Andrea Luppi is co-first author of a new study which aims to get closer to understanding how the unconscious brain functions.
Lisa Neidhardt's study looks to understand the mechanisms of protein folding, with implications for age-related diseases.
Chandler Robinson's second company has recently been described as having the best first day for an IPO since the tech giant Baidu.
A new study led by Frantisek Vasa sheds light on the way the adolescent brain changes, putting teenagers at greater risk of mental ill health.
Rob Perrons has won a Fulbright Scholarship to work on ways to improve the supply chains for the technology minerals needed to make energy green.
Gates Cambridge Alumna Kayla Barron has just graduated from an astronaut training programme at NASA which aims to put the first woman on the Moon.
With no age cap, Gates Cambridge attracts scholars from a rich range of backgrounds and experience, some of whom are parents.
Melisa Basol is lead author of a study which shows that an online game can successfully 'inoculate' players against fake news.
Rob Rivers talks about his work with underrepresented groups and his NGO which involves educational outreach in Peru and Bolivia.
Dylan Griswold writes about his research on the need for more research and guidelines on traumatic brain injury in lower income countries.