Global climate change action

Gates Cambridge is holding its first themed internal symposium on action on climate change.

Four Gates Cambridge Scholars will take part in the first themed internal symposium on Global Climate Change and Individual Action this week.

The symposium on November 14th is being conducted in collaboration with the Gates Climate Group, a scholar-led initiative that works to address the urgent need to tackle human-made climate change. The group aims to further the Gates community's conversation on climate change through programming that links to the Gates Cambridge commitment to improving the lives of others and aims to create action plans to improve environmental sustainability.

The symposium will kick off with a presentation by Ramit Debath. Ramit [2018], who is doing a PhD in Architecture, will talk about distributive energy justice and the need for a basic set of minimum energy services which enable the poorest to enjoy an essential minimum of well-being. He will outline the interdisplinary research project he is working on which seeks to provide solid data for what the thresholds for minimum energy services could be for those living in extreme poverty. The aim, in keeping with the sustainable development goals, is to drive the formation of better evidence-based policies. Ramit says: "Energy justice is a recognised as a critical to not only poverty alleviation but also mitigating climate change effects. My talk will explore the wide dimensions of distributive energy justice in extreme poverty conditions of India and Brazil through the lens of energy services and energy culture."

His talk will be followed by a panel discussion titled Effective Environmental Policies: What is Happening, What Needs to Change and What You Can Do. Participants are Onon Bayasgalan [2019] who is doing an MPhil in Conservation Leadership, alumna Babette Tachibana-Brophy [2018], who completed her MPhil in Conservation Leadership earlier this year, and Carlota Armillas Mateos [2019] who is doing an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development. Andrea Kusec [2017], who is doing a PhD in Biological Science, will moderate. They say: "The need for effective action on environmental issues has been a long-standing issue, but what needs to change for this to occur? We will discuss environmental strategies from the global to the local level and show what individuals can do to advocate for a better environmental agenda. From Greta to greenwashing, this discussion seeks to identify what changes are needed to pursue innovative solutions to protect the planet."

*The symposium takes place in the Gates Cambridge Common Room in the University Centre from 7.30pm. Scholars and their guests are welcome. Picture credit of Rocihna, Rio de Janeiro: Wikipedia.