A recent alumni gathering in New York included the second Gates Cambridge Memorial Lecture and panels connecting health, community and the arts.
Gates Cambridge's Provost Professor Barry Everitt begins his term as President of The Society for Neuroscience this month.
Robyn Scott speaks about her work as co-founder of Apolitical, bringing government workers together to discuss best practice on global challenges.
Research led by Andrea Luppi sheds new light on how consciousness works.
Four Gates Cambridge Scholars are taking part in this year's Cambridge Festival of Ideas.
Gates Cambridge scholars are celebrating Black History Month with a raft of different events.
A study co-authored by Eddie Cano-Gamez will help narrow down the search for the molecular pathways involved in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.
Ben Cocanougher is co-author on two new papers on research which aims to categorise a rare muscle disease.
A new study led by Sahba Seddighi suggests cancer survivors whose cancer has a genetic cause have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
Andrea Kusec's research investigates how engagement in meaningful activity can help brain injury patients' rehabilitation.
Iryna Shuvalova has published her first collection of poems in English.
Diana Pirjol has set up a consultancy that brings together an innovative wide-ranging approach to the health, pharmaceutical and development sectors.