Marina Velickovic will become the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Bosnia and Herzegovina this autumn.
Wendi Adelson has been named executive director of the Immigration Partnership & Coalition (IMPAC) Fund.
Study led by Stefano Martiniani tests theory explaining the physics of how substances like sand and gravel pack together.
Start-up Farming Data wins GROW agri-tech business plan competition
Two scholars have set up a research cluster on Pakistan to broaden discussion on issues relating to the country.
Scholar-Elect Saloni Atal's research focuses on improving mental health outcomes for women in India's poorest areas.
Gates Cambridge Scholar-Elect Sandile Mtetwa on her research on clean energy and setting up a women's empowerment organisation.
Kayla Barron is selected to join NASA's 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class.
Corina Logan has launched a campaign for Open Access publishing.
Jerelle Joseph has launched a mentoring scheme which aims to help Caribbean students up the career ladder.
Hosna Jahan's research focuses on the impact of women's purdah practice and development in Bangladesh.
Alanna Just on end of life issues and the importance of listening to those who are dying.