A round-up of some of the highlights of the second Day of Research.
Angela Madira started her university career aged 12, but her interest in a career in paediatrics began at age five.
Erica Cao on a new non-profit that connects & empowers communities & heals divides through collaborative, original songwriting.
Scholar-Elect Sara Kazmi's research looks at the marginalisation of Punjabi as a formal language and how this perpetuates poverty.
As a survivor of the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, Wilatluk Sinswat has been involved in the relief & recovery efforts.
Fabrice Langronet and Victoria Herrmann are sharing the prize after being nominated by their peers.
Four Gates Cambridge Scholars will present their research at this year's annual symposium on 5th May.
Scholars will present research findings at a flagship event in May.
Chaining up microbes prevents ‘bacterial sex’ and provides new way to control spread of antibiotic resistance, says new study.
Learning for Purpose is holding its first outward-facing conference at Murray Edwards College on 9th May.
Paulo Savaget and his supervisor win a prestigious award for a project helping low-income entrepreneurs in Brazil.
A new multidisciplinary study identifies a more accurate way of predicting intelligence.