Next week's Gates Cambridge Biennial will bring together 250 past, present and future Scholars.
Yevgen Sautin talks about his PhD on the history of Manchuria after the Second World War.
Scholar co-writes verbatim play about the war in Ukraine, based on interviews with people across the country.
Scholar Elect Alice Musabende on how the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis motivates her research.
Erin Kara leads research showing impact of likely tidal disruption on normally dormant supermassive black hole.
Cassi Henderson and colleagues win McKinsey Venture Academy competition.
Nij Lal named one of top five scientists under 40 in Australia.
Corina Logan's research on grackles investigates their behavioural flexibility.
Scholar-Elect Karen Duffy's PhD will focus on the development of synthetic genetic polymers.
Study suggests birds copy their peers to try new foods, but only in risky circumstances at certain times of year.
Scholar Elect Larry Han on top-level golfing and international research work.
Victoria Herrmann has launched a website to catalogue the impact of climate change on coastal communities in America.