Siza Mtimbiri is looking for people to help with a new school and medical centre he has set up in Zimbabwe.
Scholar-Elect Miriam Alvorado's PhD will focus on the impact of Barbados' tax on sugary drinks.
Bridget Kendall opens inaugural Gates Cambridge Biennial with a plea for a broad range of scholarship in an uncertain world.
Professor Barry Everitt has been elected president of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.
Mohammad Shomali is an imam whose research will focus on the human rights of non-Muslims in Islamic law.
New study suggests intelligent management of oil palm lifecycle can maintain frog diversity during replanting.
New research spreads light on how the great-tailed grackle has spread across North America
Next week's Gates Cambridge Biennial will bring together 250 past, present and future Scholars.
Yevgen Sautin talks about his PhD on the history of Manchuria after the Second World War.
Scholar co-writes verbatim play about the war in Ukraine, based on interviews with people across the country.
Scholar Elect Alice Musabende on how the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis motivates her research.
Erin Kara leads research showing impact of likely tidal disruption on normally dormant supermassive black hole.