Dr Jimin Yu talks about the impact Cambridge - and Gates Cambridge - has had on his career as a leading researcher in the field of paleooceanography.
Gates Cambridge is holding its first themed internal symposium on action on climate change.
Research on mental health in Indonesia led by Sabrina Anjara could have implications for many countries tackling the mental health crisis.
Kiera Peltz went from not knowing about coding to setting up a school to teach others and tackle some of the problems affecting society's overall well being.
Kamiar Mohaddes has co-edited a new book which suggests institutional weaknesses are to blame for the lack of economic growth and stability in the Middle East.
A study by Ali Ansari shows that education reforms in Pakistan's Punjab are reaching children in the more disadvantaged districts.
Jessica Fernández de Lara Harada is co-curating a Day of the Dead event at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas which celebrates Mexico's migrants and minorities.
Eliska Zlamalova's research seeks to understand a group of rare inherited disorders that cause weakness and stiffness in the leg muscles.
A recent alumni gathering in New York included the second Gates Cambridge Memorial Lecture and panels connecting health, community and the arts.
Gates Cambridge's Provost Professor Barry Everitt begins his term as President of The Society for Neuroscience this month.
Robyn Scott speaks about her work as co-founder of Apolitical, bringing government workers together to discuss best practice on global challenges.
Research led by Andrea Luppi sheds new light on how consciousness works.