Jerelle Joseph and Arif Naveed win the Bill Gates Sr. Award for 2018.
Twenty-five scholars are presenting their research at this year's Day of Research.
Ramit Debnath's PhD will focus on sustainable development of urban slums.
Rafael Dernbach's PhD studies future scenarios in documentaries and art films.
Tara Cookson's new book explores the unforeseen consequences of conditional cash transfer programmes.
Harum Mukhayer is the primary coordinator of a conference on international law, sustainable development and natural resources governance.
Rebecca Charbonneau talks about her research into the history of the Space Race and scientific collaboration during the Cold War.
Todd Tucker's new book, Judge Knot, is an accessible exploration of the complex issue of investor-state dispute settlement.
Srilakshmi Raj is named a regional finalist in the British Council's Study UK Alumni Awards.
New study led by Leor Zmigrod finds correlations between cognitive thinking styles and support for Brexit.
The Gates Cambridge Trust is delighted to announce 92 new Gates Cambridge Scholars.
Maximilian Stammnitz on how he came to study Tasmanian devils.