Anke Timmermann speaks about her career and her interest in tracing the links between alchemy and modern medicine.
Gitte Marianne Hansen has been awarded an AHRC Leadership Fellowship to explore the works of Japanese writer Murakami Haruki
Sofia Singler wins honorable mention for her design in an international architecture competition.
Angela Gui on campaigning for her imprisoned father and her research on political ideology.
Derrick Roberts co-first author on paper on the use of self-assembled molecular cages to transmit molecular signals.
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New study, led by Dakota Spear, highlights role of citizen science in data collection for museums.
Simprints wins Saving Lives at Birth challenge to prevent maternal and child deaths
Norman Wray stood for the presidency of Ecuador. Now he is looking to deepen his studies in conservation leadership.
Rajiv Chowdhury will be joint Principal Director of CAPABLE - a major public health programme in Bangladesh.
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Andreas Vlachos on his research into Imitation learning and fact checking.