Eddie Cano-Gamez on the need to make genomics more diverse in an age of personalised medicine.
A new study, led by Emma Glennon, highlights the need for better diagnosis of Ebola and early intervention.
Ria Roy argues that it is important to change how we think about North Korea and understand how North Koreans view themselves.
Aland Chan talks about his research into the impact of extreme weather events on Hong Kong's forests.
Stephanie Gabriela Lopez recounts her experience of watching immigration court hearings on the US-Mexico border.
Pradipta Biswas chaired a meeting at the UN on access to audiovisual media this week.
A new study, led by Ramit Debnath, calls for a focus on energy efficiency measures to tackle the impact of rising energy bills in India's poorest urban areas.
Brianne Kent is selected for membership of the Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
Naomi Woo is appointed assistant conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
A new study by Kathelijne Koops finds the first evidence that chimpanzees regularly fish for and eat crabs.
Collin Edouard's masters in music aims to open up the music curriculum and make it more representative of traditions around the world.
Emelyn Rude's magazine Eaten has won a major award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals.