Antranik Sefilian co-authors paper suggesting a new explanation for the strange orbits of objects at the edges of the solar system.
Tom Johnson talks about how he combines research into the possibilities of stem cell transplantation for optic nerve repair with his clinical work and community action.
Greg Nance is running the World Marathon Challenge to raise money and awareness for a non-profit he co-founded which aims to increase access to education.
Rebecca Berrens has been awarded a prestigious fellowship to pursue her research into transposable elements in the mammalian genome.
Michael Pashkevich talks about his research into spider ecology in the palm oil plantations of Indonesia.
Feminist magazine co-edited by Marina Velickovic wins UN award.
Marcela Gomez speaks about her research into fossils and about her role as director of the museum of the Colombian Geological Survey.
Sharmila Parmanand will respond to the inaugural Fabian International Policy Group Christmas lecture on the future of UK foreign policy.
Melisa Basol's research investigates how to counter the misinformation spread in fake news about immigrants.
Stijn De Schepper wins 2.6m Euro grant to document past climate change.
Gates Cambridge Scholars have contributed to a more diverse stand-up comedy scene in Cambridge and more widely.
Marcus Colla talks about how decisions about destroying or rebuilding landmarks reflect the political manipulation of history.