Four Gates Cambridge Scholars will discuss their research at an internal symposium on Tuesday.
Sridhar Jagannathan talks about his research into the hugely complex realm of human consciousness.
Richard Payne wins Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year in Australia.
Three Gates Cambridge Scholars will speak about transformative experiences in their lives at event next week.
Noham Wolpe is lead author of a study on how the brain's motor system compensates for its sensory ability in old age.
Sam Sudar creates an app to help health workers gather vital information in remote areas of Peru
Ria Collingwood-Boafo talks about her work in education in Trinidad & Tobago and in Ghana.
Rachel Reckin and Victoria Herrmann to speak at Cambridge Festival of Ideas event.
Parvathi Subbiah talks about her singing career and her research on Venezuelan politics.
A unique workshop which brought together conservation and animal experts could reduce species loss.
Pradipta Biswas publishes a book on latest research on controlling a car through eye gaze tracking.
Evelyn Jagoda co-authors major study of genomic diversity.