Chandler Robinson's MBA at Cambridge helped him start a biotech company to develop a potentially life-saving drug. That drug has is now in Phase III trials and has been acquired by a major company.
Thandeka Cochrane talks about her research into children's literacy projects and how they can undermine local community knowledge.
Derrick Roberts is lead author on a paper on research which has succeeded in transforming the structure of a supramolecular complex in three different ways.
Will McInerney talks about his work developing an arts education framework to tackle male violence which draws on US and UK perspectives.
Andrea Cabrero Vilatela talks about her experience with start-ups, biomechanics and smart clothing.
Alumna and celebrated rower passes away
Scholar-Elect Siyabonga Njica talks about his PhD which will explore the role of exiled artists in South Africa’s liberation struggle.
Vincentius Aji Jatikusumo on his journey to Cambridge and a PhD investigating the process of DNA synthesis.
Tala Jarjour is holding an event in Cambridge to launch her new book on music, emotion and survival in Aleppo.
Amy Zhang talks about her research on how people can better manage their online discussions through collaborations with people they trust.
Michael Meaney wins education prize for his essay on Massive Open Online Courses.
The first annual Lauren Zeitels Memorial Lecture brought a network of Gates alumni together for an alumni weekend in Boston to pay homage to Lauren's inspiring legacy.