Amy Zhang talks about her research on how people can better manage their online discussions through collaborations with people they trust.
Michael Meaney wins education prize for his essay on Massive Open Online Courses.
The first annual Lauren Zeitels Memorial Lecture brought a network of Gates alumni together for an alumni weekend in Boston to pay homage to Lauren's inspiring legacy.
Papa Momodou Jack's research will focus on access to healthcare in Ethiopia.
Hanna Baumann has been awarded a fellowship to compare how refugees are integrated into host societies in Germany and Lebanon.
Professor Barry Everitt has been selected as President-Elect of the Society for Neuroscience.
Levan Bokeria is researching how memories are formed and what can make the process of creating lasting memories more effective.
Ben Cole is doing a 545-mile cycle ride to raise funds for HIV/AIDS treatment in California.
Salma Daoudi will become the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Morocco when she starts her MPhil in the autumn.
Georgiana Epure is fundraising for a new platform to educate young people about the politics that affect their everyday lives.
Krittika D'Silva leads research using Foursquare which can be used to predict the success rate of new venues.
Sara Morrisset has been named a National Geographic explorer for her research into the Ica society of Peru.