Colleen Rollins explains her work on how the brains of people with schizophrenia construct hallucinations.
Jessica Fernandez De Lara Harada has been invited by Japan to attend a governmental programme.
Krittika D'Silva leads study which uses social media and transport data to predict a new retail business' likelihood of success.
Frantisek Vasa's research focuses on understanding how different parts of the brain are linked and what happens when those connections break down.
Benedek Kruchió is co-organiser of a conference on ancient Greek novelist Heliodorus which updates a unique Cambridge conference.
Pradipta Biswas' research wins backing from Microscoft's AI for Accessibility programme.
Yufei Zhao, awarded a prestigious Future of Science award by MIT, talks about his maths research and how he mentors other students.
Riaz Moola's edtech start-up has raised enough money to rebrand and expand its coding education mission.
Chandler Robinson's MBA at Cambridge helped him start a biotech company to develop a potentially life-saving drug. That drug has is now in Phase III trials and has been acquired by a major company.
Thandeka Cochrane talks about her research into children's literacy projects and how they can undermine local community knowledge.
Derrick Roberts is lead author on a paper on research which has succeeded in transforming the structure of a supramolecular complex in three different ways.
Will McInerney talks about his work developing an arts education framework to tackle male violence which draws on US and UK perspectives.