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Callie Vandewiele

Callie Vandewiele

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2014 PhD Latin American Studies
  • Newnham College

Born in Utah, I was raised the oldest of six siblings first there and then just outside of Portland, Oregon. "Unschooled" until the age of 16 my foray into traditional education began with a handful of highschool classes, and then a dive into Spanish language, music and biology at the local community college, where I quickly developed a taste for academic work. As a non-traditional student I graduated first with an AAOT in General Studies from Clackamas Community College and then with honors from Pacific University in 2008, where I received a B.A. in Politics and Government. After graduation I lived and worked in the Alta Verapaz of Guatemala where I developed an interest in women's leadership education and the ongoing interactions between globalized western culture, local cultures and the evolution of ancient traditions.

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How to have global impact

Great leaders know how to listen. They are humble enough to learn from failures of their own and champion the lighthouse success of others. They act because their moral compass knows only that direction. And they build impact by igniting action. “Building impact: listen, learn, act” was the theme of this year’s eighth annual Global […]

Migrant overboard!

Migrants have been drowning long before European political leaders suddenly decided, on the morning of April 20, 2015, that 800 deaths at a time were somehow above the threshold of tolerable outrage. Boat-people fleeing turmoil in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia between the late 1970s and early 1990s died, according to the most conservative estimates, by […]

You only live twice

MAD FAIL. This is exactly what the protein I study spelled out for me. Proteins are a bit like a bracelet of pearls; each pearl (also known as an amino acid) is commonly named by one letter, A for alanine, L for leucine, and so forth… And this is how, hidden in my protein’s sequence, […]

Are we ready for the new era in genome editing?

Emerging drug therapies, improved medical devices, novel links to cancer and exciting laboratory techniques from industry and academia are published regularly across a broadening range of academic journals. Just last week Chinese scientists published research on their attempts to edit the genome of a non-viable embryo. Genome editing involves the editing of the wealth of genetic […]

India’s Daughter and the importance of context

India’s Daughter, Leslie Udwin’s recent and controversial documentary, honed in on the infamous Delhi gang rape of 2012, which has become a highly provocative and sensitive issue in India. Spurring protests across the country, this gang rape brought visceral responses from people across India. It seemed natural, then, to focus on this as a case […]

The downside of moves towards gay equality

In the last decade, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in public discourse about gay issues in the US and the UK. Throughout earlier gay organising, one thing was always clear: whatever else gays were, we were victims. At least, we were at risk of being victims. Victims of hate crimes, police brutality, discriminatory laws, […]

What makes good chocolate?

Springtime brings about an awakened sense of curiosity and desire to indulge the senses. Around this time of year we may be thinking about purchasing fresh flowers or luxury chocolate gifts. When it comes to chocolate there’s something to please nearly everyone: from the milk chocolate Easter rabbit to the dairy-free vegan bar. With such […]

Man’s best friend?

The idea that a dog is man’s best friend, and that children derive, not only enjoyment, but also valuable skills such as empathy and responsibility from owning a pet is so widely accepted in western societies that it has rarely been systematically investigated by researchers. Nevertheless, while some pet owners may well feel that their […]

Translating Africa’s tech enthusiasm into an enterprise ecosystem

Technology is disseminating across Africa and technology consumer markets have grown rapidly as a result. But so far, only a few local technology entrepreneurs have seized the economic opportunities that ensue. In contrast to consumer markets, entrepreneurship ecosystems may take more time and resources to grow than enthusiasts of Africa’s technology boom anticipated. Various media […]

Meeting global food demand through gene transfer

The current exponential growth of human population places incredible demands on agriculture. It is estimated that agricultural production must double in order to meet projected demands by 2050. This increase must be made despite a steady loss of arable farmland, dwindling fertiliser reserves, increasing salinity of soils, limited irrigation water, climate change and shrinking of […]