Andrea Aramburu Villavisencio

Andrea Aramburu Villavisencio

  • Scholar
  • Peru
  • 2018 PhD Latin American Studies
  • Girton College

I began to develop an interest in visual studies as a teenager, when I had my first encounters with films that sought to be something more than mere tools of entertainment. In my mind, I began to formulate questions regarding the relationship between this kind of cinema and the context wherein I grew up: Latin America. What are the implications of the film industry for a developing country? What does cinema can do for cultural policies? And conversely? Studying Hispanic Literature in Peru enriched my knowledge on Latin American literature, but, above all, it offered me the theoretical tools to start thinking about cultural representations from a critical viewpoint. After college, I worked as a teaching assistant at my university, and became actively engaged in several film projects, trying to build a bridge between my knowledge of film theory and the film industry. My time at KCL, in London, where I pursued the Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory MA strengthened my desire to take the academic path, so I can intervene in society and contribute towards genuine change. At Cambridge, my PhD in Latin American Studies will undertake the study of the complex interactions between disruptive kinships, affect and aesthetics in the films of Argentinian filmmakers Lucrecia Martel and Milagros Mumenthaler. I am specially interested in asking how these films open up a broader critique concerning our ways of being in common.

Previous Education

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru
King's College London (University of London)