Kristopher Jensen

Kristopher Jensen

  • Scholar
  • Denmark
  • 2019 PhD Engineering
  • Jesus College

Born and raised in Denmark and having lived a year in the US, I moved to England to study Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate student. After a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I developed a passion for neuroscience as a Janelia Undergraduate Scholar in the US, where I studied how fruit flies navigate. I therefore decided to pursue a PhD in neuroscience, where I will make a move to slightly larger organisms to tackle some of the mysteries of the brain in the Cambridge Department of Engineering. Working in the Computational and Biological Learning Lab alongside researchers in both machine learning and computational neuroscience and drawing on the expertise of the Cambridge neuroscience community more broadly, I aim to improve our understanding of motor learning using tools from dynamical systems theory and control theory. Improving our knowledge of the motor system will help us further understand how we interact with a complex environment, while advances in basic neuroscience can also drive advances in more applied fields, such as artificial intelligence and clinical neuroscience.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Computational Biology 2019
University of Cambridge Natural Sciences 2018