Nadia ben Hassine

Nadia ben Hassine

  • Scholar
  • Netherlands
  • 2021 PhD Philosophy
  • Jesus College

In discussions on practical topics, there is always a great amount of theoretical knowledge embedded in contending positions. Whether we are judging something to be morally wrong or arguing that a policy is unjust, there is an extensive background to our practical perspectives. During my BA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, I developed a strong interest in uncovering and assessing this background. This pointed me in the direction of methodological questions such as: how should we determine the meaning of a concept or, to what extent should theories be informed by practical issues? When the concepts or theories under analysis are social, our answers to such methodological questions greatly impacts our view of practical issues. During my MPhil in Philosophy at Cambridge, for example, I researched whether notions of justice established through abstract theorising can capture why something is unjust. Because of the importance of using a method that can critically assess practical problems, I intend to undertake my doctoral research on the intersection between metaphilosophy and social philosophy, looking at the ability of metaphilosophical views to accommodate critical reflection on historical and political issues.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Philosophy 2021
University of Amsterdam Philosophy 2020