Luning Sun

Luning Sun

  • Alumni
  • China
  • 2010 PhD Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Downing College

My name is Luning Sun. Lu and Ning stand for the two provinces where my parents come from. I was born in Qingdao, China, a beautiful city along the coast. I stayed in a boarding school for three years, before I was admitted into Chuko Chen Honors College, Zhejiang University. I spent one semester as an exchange student in Germany, and I enjoyed my time there very much. I furthered my study in Munich after college, where I worked as a research assistant at a psychiatric hospital and got involved in various research projects, including both clinical studies on patients and behavioral experiments with normal participants. Based on my interests in psychological testing, I applied for a PhD position at the Psychometrics Center, Cambridge. Fortunately, I got the offer together with the Gates Cambridge Trust. Now I am working as a research associate, working on the ICAR project. I am interested in test development for educational, occupational as well as clinical assessment.

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