How we select

Gates Cambridge uses a three-stage selection process to ensure Scholars meet all of our criteria to the highest degree.

1. Departmental ranking

Gates Cambridge asks academic departments in Cambridge to score and nominate eligible applicants. Those who are put forward by departments (a small proportion of the total applicant pool) are considered the most academically outstanding applicants the department has received that year, who also meet the other Gates Cambridge criteria.

2. Shortlisting

Once Gates Cambridge has a list of nominated candidates from departments, these are divided into broad subject areas and passed to our Shortlisting Committees. These Committees look at the candidates' entire application pack (including the Gates Cambridge Statement and Reference) and use Gates Cambridge criteria to identify those who should be invited for interview. Everyone who is shortlisted for interview will have gone through an exceptionally competitive process and will show evidence of meeting all criteria to a high level. 

3. Interview

All shortlisted candidates are interviewed to assess how they meet all Gates Cambridge criteria and Scholars are selected after interview. More details are available from the interview page.


Please note that the Trust is not able to provide feedback to applicants.