Nicholas Ahamed

Nicholas Ahamed

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2017 MPhil International Relations and Politics
  • St John's College

As a Muslim in post-9/11 America, my loyalties are constantly questioned. The bigotry I have faced demonstrates to me the inequalities still prevalent in the America. All too aware of these, my research at Stanford University focused on bringing rigorous methodologies to questions of politics, race and voting. My thesis examining Islamophobia in America synthesized the lessons of my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and my minor in Statistics. Subsequently, I served as a data scientist at Civis Analytics where I provided data-driven strategic recommendations and targeting guidance to PACs in the 2016 election. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar, I hope to tie these experiences together to better understand voting. I would like to develop an election-specific, individual-level measure of voter turnout that accurately predicts the likelihood that an individual will cast a ballot. Not only will this research improve our theory of voting, but also better enable political practitioners to identify those citizens who need a push to vote. When organizations transform more non-voters into voters, our elections are more vibrant and our democracy is better off for it.

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