Nicholas Posegay

Nicholas Posegay

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2017 PhD Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Corpus Christi College

As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, I was drawn to the study of religion as an impetus for historical change. This interest led to research on the Abrahamic traditions of the Middle East, as well as the languages that are fundamental to those faiths. I completed both a BA and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies at UChicago, with an emphasis on the roles of Arabic, Hebrew, and Syriac in medieval intellectual history. While pursuing a PhD at Cambridge, my goal is to further investigate the religious and linguistic multiculturalism of the medieval Middle East. In doing so, I hope to promote public knowledge of the unique, cosmopolitan civilization that formed the foundations of modern Judaeo-Christian and Islamicate society. I also seek to educate people on the often overlooked connections between their lives and the historical past, in order to promote the importance of cultural heritage, pluralism, and cooperation for building a more peaceful, interconnected world.

Author of the book, "Points of Contact: The Shared Intellectual History of Vocalisation in Syriac, Arabic, and Hebrew," freely available here:

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