Saloni Atal

Saloni Atal

  • Alumni
  • India
  • 2017 PhD Psychology
  • Christ's College

I am a social psychologist and I study and mobilise around drivers for gender equality and sustainable development. My doctoral research at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health aims to use theoretical perspectives from social psychology to evaluate the impact of an innovative NGO-run community education programme in Mumbai ( on the empowerment of women.

Through my research, I aim to produce policy relevant insights into women's empowerment and well-being in low-income settings. Prior to my PhD, I completed the MPhil in Social and Development Psychology at Cambridge (2015-16), as part of which I examined perceptions of mental illness among slum-dwelling Indian women and how these relate to their sociocultural context. My findings have been published in Transcultural Psychiatry:

I am immensely thankful to the Trust for their support, without which I would not have been a part of this rich heritage. I had many mentors on my way to this scholarship and I am passionate about paying it forward. If you're interested in my work you can follow me on Twitter: Saloni_Atal

Previous Education

University of Hong Kong
University of Cambridge