Warren Pan

Warren Pan

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2018 MPhil Medical Science (Clinical Biochemistry)
  • Clare Hall

I am a first generation Chinese-American MD/PhD student interested in studying disease at the bench-side and bed-side. While I concentrated in Economics at Harvard, I also explored other disciplines, including Medicine and research. My previous research experiences include developing targeted immunotherapies at the National Institutes of Health and understanding hyperleptinemia in obesity at the University of Michigan during my PhD in the Myers Lab. Interestingly, in the wards, I have witnessed the clinical significance of both leukemia treated with immunotherapy and obesity-related complications. In the O’Rahilly Lab at the University of Cambridge, I will extend my research in obesity and learn how to translationally apply basic science findings at the bench-side to patient care at the bed-side. Additionally, through the Gates community, I hope to further develop my understanding of using multi-disciplinary approaches to address multifaceted diseases like obesity. I, therefore, aim to become a physician-scientist who asks and answers questions grounded in clinical Medicine that can be translationally applied to patients.

Previous Education

National Institutes of Health
University of Michigan