Charity Bhebhe

Charity Bhebhe

  • Alumni
  • Zimbabwe
  • 2018 PhD Pharmacology
  • Newnham College

As is common in the majority of developing countries, there is an absence of basic resources needed to treat a variety of illnesses. My home country of Zimbabwe is no different. This lack of fundamental infrastructure is what has driven me to acquire knowledge that will allow me to treat and prevent such diseases. During my undergraduate studies, I developed an appreciation of the molecular complexity of diseases that drives disease pathogenesis, an appreciation that is critical in informing prevention and treatment options. I intend to further explore these molecular and cellular foundations to develop therapies for human disease at the University of Cambridge where I will pursue a PhD in Pharmacology while working with Dr. David Bulmer. Dr. Bulmer is investigating the mechanisms of hypersensitivity in gastrointestinal disease. Gastrointestinal disease is a common disorder that is characterized by diarrhea and abdominal pain and is a leading cause of child morbidity and mortality worldwide. Because of this, it is imperative to better understand the mechanisms of this disease to develop effective analgesics for the management of pain. It is my goal to apply my medical research skills in investigating and preventing diseases to improve healthcare standards and give people from disadvantaged communities a fair chance to fight against disease.

Previous Education

Arizona State University