Ethan Dutcher

Ethan Dutcher

  • Scholar
  • Australia
  • 2018 PhD Psychology
  • Pembroke College

Early in my medical training, I was struck by the fact that across my lifetime we will gradually and finally come to know the mechanisms causing and perpetuating psychiatric disorders with some clarity, and that with this will come a profound shift in the way these disorders are viewed by the public and managed by medical professionals. I have found the lure of contributing to this transformation in some small way irresistible. At Cambridge, I will use diverse methods to study the long-term effects of early-life stress on behavior, the brain, and the immune system. With the help of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, I am looking forward to a career in which I can help on a daily basis to translate the latest research findings directly into better psychiatric care, both for my patients and more broadly.

Previous Education

University of Adelaide