Ryan Geiser

Ryan Geiser

  • Scholar
  • United States
  • 2018 PhD Chemistry
  • St John's College

My research strives to unravel the complexities inherent in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. With a passion for medical science, I moved south from Ohio to study biomedical engineering at the University of South Carolina, where I became increasingly intrigued by the human body as I worked on projects to provide elegant solutions to complex health problems. With a particular interest in Alzheimer’s disease, I utilized an array of biophysical techniques to investigate compounds found in diets around the world and their potential to suppress protein aggregation in the brain. My fascination with the extent to which small molecules influence disease led me to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I instigated the beginnings of a project aiming to detect chemical exposures in the workplace and improve safety therein. Returning to research in the molecular processes underlying protein misfolding disorders, I joined the Centre for Misfolding Diseases as a Whitaker International Program Fellow to work under the supervision of Professor Chris Dobson. I now continue to apply my chemical, biological, and computational background to further investigate the folding and misfolding of proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Outside of the lab, I enjoy introducing young students to the world of science through varied teaching and community outreach programs, as well as pursuing my interest in studying financial structures and markets.

Previous Education

University of South Carolina
University of Cambridge