Alexander Horne

Alexander Horne

  • Alumni
  • Australia
  • 2018 PhD Philosophy
  • Trinity College

I studied philosophy and law at the University of Sydney. After finishing my undergraduate degrees, I completed a Master of Laws by research, also at the University of Sydney. In my research I asked how we should think about law, whether constructive interpretation was necessary and, if it was, whether it could generate truths. While completing my Master of Laws, I also worked as a lawyer at one of Australasia’s top law firms and volunteered with the Refugee Advice and Casework Service, the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and Salvos Legal Humanitarian. This year, I have been studying for my MPhil in Philosophy at Cambridge. My current research is about reasons, personality, luck, choices and justice. I will continue that research in my PHD, asking questions about the relationships between normativity and the self, choice and identity, and luck and responsibility. I hope to use my research to develop a framework for thinking about the choices that matter from the perspective of distributive justice. I am immensely grateful to Gates Cambridge for giving me the opportunity to pursue my research and for inviting me to join such a wonderful community of scholars.

Previous Education

University of Sydney
University of Cambridge