Ayala Panievsky

Ayala Panievsky

  • Scholar
  • Israel
  • 2018 PhD Sociology
  • Murray Edwards College (New Hall)

Growing up in Israel, my academic aspiration has always been driven by a search for a path that could lead to a feasible and concrete change within the Israeli society. I was drawn to the academia after years of experience in journalism, politics and NGOs. Before joining the Gates community, I have worked for ‘Haaretz’ newspaper, the Israeli Parliament and the aid organisation for refugees in Israel. Today I am a PhD candidate at the Sociology department at Cambridge and a research associate at ‘Molad – The Centre for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy’. Following my bachelor’s degree in The Hebrew University’s honours programme, I have graduated my master’s degree at Political Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London. My current project explores the ever-changing relationship between media and politics in contemporary democracies, and in particular, the encounter between mainstream media and political extremism in the age of social media and big data. Due to dramatic cultural shifts, both on the local and international levels, a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind populism, extremism and social polarisation is essential. I find it imperative for academics to contribute to the debate, providing insightful ideas and practical tools for journalists, politicians and citizens. Coming from Israel, where the media, the civil society and democracy itself are increasingly under threat, I perceive this task as both intellectually and politically urgent.

Previous Education

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Goldsmiths College (University of London)