Julia Schwarz

Julia Schwarz

  • Scholar
  • Germany
  • 2018 PhD Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Jesus College

Communication is something all animals have in common; language, however, is a uniquely human capacity. Without language, scientific discoveries, inventions, and even mathematical advances would have been impossible. My fascination with language as a uniquely human trait and the basis for all sophisticated thought has continued throughout my education. After completing a B.A. in English Linguistics and Latin at the University of Regensburg, Germany, with a year abroad at the University of York, UK, I came to Cambridge for an MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, where I began research on language processing. As a consultant for R&D Funding and Innovation Advisory, I was given the opportunity to apply my linguistic knowledge to assist companies in successfully gaining funding for their innovative and sustainable ideas. In my PhD project I wish to further investigate complex word processing to build more reliable models of our understanding of language. By combining theoretical and experimental methods from Linguistics, Psychology, and Neuroscience, I aim to give some new insight into the psychological and biological reality of linguistic rules and symbols in the brain. In future, I hope that the findings of my research will help to unravel the influencing factors of human thought and understanding as well as lead to practical applications in a variety of contexts such as teaching and learning, text optimization, and language disorders.

Previous Education

Universitat Regensburg
University of Cambridge