Domiziana Turcatti

Domiziana Turcatti

  • Alumni
  • Italy
  • 2018 MPhil Sociology
  • Robinson College

I was introduced to the complex field of Migration Studies during my BA in Liberal Arts and Science in Amsterdam University College (2015-2018), where I specialised in Sociology and Anthropology and minored in Media Studies. In Amsterdam, I developed a trajectory of studies on understanding the position of Moroccan-Dutch youth in Dutch society. I had the privilege of collecting the lived experiences of Moroccan Dutch youth and collaborated with Moroccan-Dutch coaches to make visible the youths’ marginality and resilience. This taught me how the ‘Other’ is not simply the body where marginality materialises but a source for developing allies and critical knowledge. It also strengthened my commitment to understanding migrants and their descendants’ lived experiences and to forging alliances for social justice. Such commitment has underlined the research I undertook during the MPhil in Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion at the University of Cambridge from October 2018 to July 2019. At Cambridge, I conducted research on London's Latin American migrant women and men’s lived experiences of nurturing their families while in an London-based NGO run by Latin Americans for Latin Americans. Apart from researching, I have also volunteered in this NGO, while collaborating with its staff to make the experiences of their clients visible. In October 2019 I started a DPhil in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford funded by the Clarendon Scholarship which investigates the experiences of the families of onward Colombian migrants who moved from Spain to London.

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