Ellen Purdy

Ellen Purdy

  • Alumni, Scholar
  • United States
  • 2019 MPhil Chemistry
    2020 PhD Chemistry
  • Lucy Cavendish College

As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago majoring in Chemistry, I identified art conservation as a field that brings together may love of scientific research and knowledge of art history. The work of conservation scientists often goes unseen, but is crucial to understanding and preserving works of art and culture for future generations. At Cambridge, I will work in Dr. Stephen Elliott's lab on the application of Raman Spectroscopy to non-destructive analysis of paint pigments. The goal of this work is to further our understanding of the technical and aesthetic choices of artists as well as the effects of previous restoration work done on paintings. In the course of my work, I hope to use the Hamilton Kerr Institute of easel painting conservation at Cambridge to learn more about the art historical side of this field as well. I also plan to explore the great hiking and used bookstore scene around Cambridge.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Physical chemistry 2020
University of Chicago Chemistry 2019