Jeanne-Rose Arn

Jeanne-Rose Arn

  • Scholar
  • Switzerland
  • 2019 PhD Law
  • King's College

I obtained advanced degrees both in law and in philosophy (studying at the University of Geneva and at Harvard Law School). In philosophy, my courses focused on analytic philosophy and philosophy of mind. This is where I first encountered the topic of self-deception which has become the focus of my proposed research. After my studies, I practiced law at a leading law firm in Switzerland where I handled a high-profile case of “conscious negligence”, that diminishes responsibility under Swiss Criminal Law. This experience triggered my interest in the fundamental conditions of moral and legal responsibility as well as the limits of responsibility in law. For my PhD, I intend to address the question of self-deception in morality and law. Minimally, self-deception denotes a phenomenon that occurs when a person acquires and maintains a false belief despite possessing evidence to the contrary. Self-deception may lead to acts or behaviour that result in wrongdoings and harm others and is therefore a critical topic for both morality and the law. Despite this, the significance of self-deception in law remains largely unexplored.

Previous Education

Harvard University Law 2016
University of Geneva Law 2016
University of Geneva Philosophy 2015