Lea Wenger

Lea Wenger

  • Alumni
  • France
  • 2019 PhD Clinical Neurosciences
  • Fitzwilliam College

What happens to the neurons in the brain? Why do they fail with age? Neurons have always been the centre of attention in the field. However emerging evidence shows how important certain sideline players are in shaping neuronal responses. Astrocytes are cells within the brain that provide neurons with the energy they need and a map for building new connections. They are also key in determining which neurons survive and which will die in the context of disease, but how they decide this is still unknown.

Since my undergraduate studies in Veterinary Medicine, undertaken at the University of Cambridge, I have been drawn towards the unknown. The extent of the knowledge left to discover in neuroscience and the rate at which the field is evolving drove me to pause my clinical studies to pursue a PhD in Dr. Lakatos’ lab. During this PhD, I will investigate the astrocytic response to injury and neurodegeneration. By looking at the evolution of this response through time in human stem cell cerebral organoids, I hope to reveal pathways that we may be able to target, to promote neuroprotection in cases of traumatic brain injury and/or neurodegeneration.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Clinical Neurosciences 2019
University of Cambridge Neuroscience II/MVST Vet IA,IB 2017