Carlota Armillas-Mateos

Carlota Armillas-Mateos

  • Alumni
  • Spain
  • 2019 MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • Peterhouse

The tales about great engineers my mom used to tell me when I was a little girl growing up in El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a made me want to become an engineer and invent things to help others. During my double degree in Mechanical + Industrial Design & Product Development Engineering in Cadiz University, I developed an interest in sustainability, regarding my future responsibility on consumer products whose manufacturing, usage and end-of-life will impact our ecosystem. For this reason, I use eco-design techniques in my projects, like the design of an ergonomic infant radiant warmer, a ship bulbous bow for Navantia Shipyards or technical help for the blind (national runner up in the James Dyson Award). My work experience in INNANOMAT R&D group has taught me how difficult it is to implement eco-design strategies, as economic profitability often seems to be the only concern. However, I believe it is my duty as an engineer to use my creativity to find solutions that take into consideration the present needs (like the pursuit of social fairness) and problems (such as pollution or resource depletion) in addition to economic profits. Improving people's lives is the aim of engineering, but I think we are not doing it ok if our creations imply negative consequences for people or the ecosystem. During my MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development, I focused my dissertation research to help designers develop effective and sustainable medical devices during health emergencies in the global south. This was inspired by the scarcity of respiratory medical devices during the Covid-19 pandemic. The tool can be accessed here: . As Gates alumna, I am focusing my profesional career as engineer in the healthcare sector, looking for the trade-offs between 'good health for all', 'responsible consumption and production' and 'reduced inequalities'.

Previous Education

Universidad de C MechEng, IndDes&ProdDevelopEng 2018