Veronika Mantziou

Veronika Mantziou

  • Scholar
  • Greece
  • 2019 PhD Genetics
  • Queens' College

Originally from Greece, I came to the UK to study Biomedical Sciences. During my studies, I grew an interest in cancer treatment research, which was developed in my internship at the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics in Bradford. There, I realised the uncanny similarities between embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and cancer cells at the metabolic level, and identified the need to gain a deeper understanding of the key events occuring in early mammalian embryogenesis. For this reason, I decided to do an MPhil in Developmental Biology at the University of Cambridge, and to focus on the link between metabolism and embryonic development, by studying a recently generated in-vitro model, called gastruloids. These are 3D aggregates of ESCs (mouse and human) that successfully mimic the spatiotemporal patterns of embryos and give us access to some previously inaccessible stages of early embryogenesis. Preliminary data of my research support the crucial effect of energy metabolism, not only on cell growth, but also on cell signaling and pluripotency. My goal as a PhD student at the Martinez Arias lab is to continue and expand on my current research, which is in accordance with the principle of the ‘3Rs’ (Replace, Reduce and Refine the use of animals in Research) and paves the way towards personalised medicine. I am incredibly honoured to be part of the vibrant and insightful Gates Cambridge Community and its global network of Scholars, who collectively aim to improve the life of others.

Previous Education

University of Cambridge Biological Science (Genetics) 2019
University of Bradford Biomedical Science 2018