Roan Runge

Roan Runge

  • Alumni
  • United States
  • 2019 PhD Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • Magdalene College

My studies have led me towards two fields which have, so far, had very little overlap. In my undergraduate degree at Exeter College, Oxford, I focused on medieval language and literature, which led me to an interest in medieval Irish literature, with the opportunity to study the language and literature of Ireland in my final year. Simultaneously, I became more interested in trans theory, writing my dissertation on queer and trans women in modern science fiction and fantasy comics. Currently, in my Master’s degree in the department of Celtic and Gaelic at the University of Glasgow, I combine these two areas of study, using trans theory to examine the role of figures on the boundary between human and animal in medieval Irish literature. Thinking about the continued dehumanization of trans people, as well as trans reclamations of unhumanity and monstrosity, I hope to take theoretical approaches to figures who linger between species and gender. I believe this approach has potential to open up new avenues of inquiry in Celtic Studies, as well as to build alternate ways of looking towards trans pasts in order to consider trans futures.

Previous Education

University of Glasgow Celtic Studies 2019
University of Oxford English Language & Literature 2018